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Mini Storage Units

Our mini storage units are clean and easy to get in and out. They are in a secure, locked area with video camera surveillance. You can feel comfortable renting a storage unit from Advantage Mini Storage and RV. We have regular repeat customers who have found that our family friendly service and clean, safe environment is the best choice for their storage needs.

Mini Storage Unit Sizes

We have mini storage units available in 3 sizes for your convenience, 10′x15′, 10′x20′ & 10′x35′. All are enclosed, clean & secure units.

What Doesn’t Go in Storage Units

Some of the things that we do not want you to put in your storage unit would be gas, oil and other flammable products. Food items are not recommended or any live animals. If you want to store candles or things that have a tendency to melt, wrap it carefully in tin foil and plastic and put in box with non-valuables, just in case it does melt.

Benefits of Having a Mini Storage

  1. Store items that you don’t have use for right now, but you want to keep it for later use.
  2. You can store a motorcycle if you are going to be traveling or out of state for a while.
  3. No room for Christmas decorations or winter sporting equipment? A storage unit is the answer for you!
  4. If you have extra TV’s that you don’t want to get rid of, put them in storage! Wrap them well in a blanket or some other soft material.
  5. Have you moved in with a friend and now have duplicate home furnishings? Store them in one of our units until a later time when you can use them.
  6. Do you have car parts, extra tires or tool chests? A storage unit is a great place to keep them safe.
  7. Storing your valuables, furnishings, tools, sporting goods and just about anything else makes sense. Why have your home or garage cluttered when you can get a storage unit!

Packing Recommendations for your Storage Unit

  1. Using boxes that are labeled is the best way to keep your storage unit organized. That way you can fit in more things too.
  2. Plastic bins work great for storing too. You can use masking tape to make a label for it.
  3. Wooden crates can work well for items that are awkwardly shaped and don’t fit in a box.
  4. A chest of drawers can be used for little items that could be easily lost in a large box.
  5. If you have any glassware, it’s a good idea to wrap each piece carefully in newspaper and then put in a plastic bin.
  6. Bulky items like tables and chairs usually don’t need to be covered or wrapped. You could protect the surface of the table with a blanket.
  7. Washer & Dryers can be stored easily, just make sure you drain all the water out of the washer first.
  8. Suitcases make a great storage solution for small items and clothes.
  9. Large plastic bags are often used for putting in quilts, pillows and other soft items you’d like to store.
  10. To store pictures, it’s a good idea to separate each one with cardboard, sheets, towels or other form of protection.

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  • Friendly service ALWAYS!

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